This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.2.7 of enterO.

  • Add support for late fees in a series of races

Add support for late fees in a series of races (#151)

In the case where there is a single close date for an event, late fees can be charged by using Event Fee Tiers which allow different fees to be charged for entries depending on when the entry is created. This does not work for a series of races though as each race has a different entry close date so there is not a single date when all entry fees should increase.

A new Late Fee feature has been added so that we can now add late fees per race in a race series (eg North West’s Rogaine Series). When configured:

  • Each race now has both a Close Date and a Late Close Date
  • If a race is added to a competitor after the Close Date, an extra Late Race Fee is applied
  • Late fees can have different amounts for different competitor age breaks (eg Senior and Junior)
  • Normally a single set of Late Race Fees (eg Senior and Junior) will be configured that apply to all races, however this can also be done per race (with different amounts) if required

Event Overview page

The Event Overview page displays late entry information in the message at the top of the page:

  • Before late fees apply, the message lists the standard close date along with a line informing when late entries close and that fees will increase
  • After late fees apply, just the late entry close date is displayed

Event overview; close message

Once late fees apply, the race list changes to display the late entry close date rather than the standard close date (which has now passed)

Event overview; race

Review Entry page

Each race that late fees apply to is identified with a red *


Individual entry, race list


Team entry, race list

And a late entry fee is added to the competitor fees


Individual entry, fee list


Team entry, fee list