This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.2.11 of enterO.

  • Improve starter’s list by time

Improve starter’s list by time (#156)

The starter’s list by time has been improved to remove unneeded and incorrect empty/vacant lines from both the web page and downloaded PDF files

Previously, we were incorrectly including 10 start slots from 12:00 to 12:10. These have now been removed.

Previously in the PDF, empty start slots had two blank rows and other start slots had one blank row. This has been reduced so that empty start slots now have 1 blank row and there are no extra rows added to other start slots.

The intention of the extra rows was to leave space to write in extra starters (eg where we might slot in late starters) however this was very rarely, if ever, used so we have reduced the number of pages printed and page flips that the starters have to make. Late and extra starters should now be written down separately.