This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.2.1 of enterO.

  • Validate bank account
  • Improve VIP Points
  • Improve club member discount fees

Validate bank account (#140)

A check has been added to the event validation function (only available to admin users) to check the bank account format. For events where Bank Transfer payment method is an allowed, we now check that the account number matches the standard NZ bank account format:

  • bb-rrrr-aaaaaaa[a]-ss[s] (bank-branch-account-suffix)

Improve VIP Points (#138)

VIP Points are now displayed in the Event report

The VIP Points payment method has been added to the Event Report so that it now displays complete payemnt data for each event.

Only show configured payment types in Event Report

Now that there are more available payment methods and Bank Transfer is not always used, the Event Report only displays the payment methods that are relevant to each event.

Improved display of VIP information

A configurable description is now displayed on both the Checkout Entry page (before submitting entry)…

VIP Checkout Entry

…and the Review Payment page (after submitting entry)

VIP Review Payment

Improve club member discount fees (#141)

Support has been added to allow discount for any specified club. In particular this is useful for Taranaki who are joint organisers of the 2024 Oceania Sprint Orienteering Championship as this allows them to offer discounts to their club members for the races organised by Orienteering Taranaki.

There is now a single configurable Discount fee type:

  • Set flag to determine if discount is dollar amount (default) or percentage
  • Set the clubId if fee only applies to a specific club
  • Set the race group id if the fee only applies to one group of races