This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.1.6 of enterO.

  • Start time CSV upload

Start time CSV upload (#120)

When start lists are enabled for an event, event administrators can now upload CSV files containing competitor start times.

Note that there is no mechanism to allocate start times to competitors within enterO, this must be done in an external application (eg O-Lynx).

Import start times

An Import start times button is available at the bottom of each ‘race’ tab of the start list page. Pressing this takes you to the Import start times page from which you can:

  • Press the Review button to review a file that has previously been uploaded
  • Press the x button to delete a file that has previously been uploaded
  • Press the Upload new CSV button to upload a new CSV file

Import start times

Upload start time CSV

CSV files can be uploaded from your local computer to the enterO server.

Import start times

  • Press the Browse… button
  • Select a CSV file to upload
  • Press the Upload CSV button which will be enabled once a file has been selected

Select CSV file

Note that the CSV format is detailed on this page, uploaded files must adhere to this format to be processed.

CSV format

Review uploaded start time CSV

The Review CSV file page is displayed after successfully uploading a CSV file. You can also get here by pressing the Review button on the Import start times page.

Review uploaded start list CSV

Pressing the Import start times button will process the file, updating the competitor start times. A summary is displayed after the file has been processed

Import summary

In the case where the competitor details in the uploaded CSV file do not match the details held in enterO, you will not be able to import the file.

Import summary