This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.1.5 of enterO.

  • Add support for multiple ‘single race groups’
  • Start lists

Add support for multiple ‘single race groups’ (#118)

A ‘single race group’ can be added to an event which allows the user to select one only of the races with the group. Until now, only one ‘single race group’ has been supported.

This release adds a feature to enable multiple ‘single race groups’ within an event to support PAPO’s 2023 Waitangi Weekend event where there are four ‘single race groups’ where competitors can choose to enter either the elite or public race.

Multiple single race groups

Start lists (#119)

Start List functionality is now available to event administrators and is configurable per event via an event flag. This feature provides the following functionality:

  • Import CSV files that have been uploaded to the enterO server by the site administrator
  • Download Start List PDFs in a number of formats
    • Competitor lists for publishing
    • Starter lists for use by the start team

Note that there is no mechanism to allocate start times to competitors within enterO, currently this must be done in an external application (eg O-Lynx). The generated CSV files must then be uploaded to enterO via FTP by the site administrator.

Functionality to allow event administrators to upload CSV files will come in a future release.

UPDATE: Event administraors can upload start time CSV files in enterO v3.1.6 and above

Start list summary

The Start list summary page summarises the event to show how many competitors have and do not yet have a start time allocated for each race in the event. Start list summary

Race start list summary

The Race start list summary page shows the times that have been allocated to competitors for each course for the selected race.

This can be used to check that gaps between competitors have been setup correctly and that competitors have been evenly spread out - this helps even out the load for the start team on the day.

Start list race summary

This data can be downloaded as a PDF by pressing the Download PDF button at the bottom of the page or by selecting the Starter (summary) option on the Download page.

Start list download

The Start list download page allows the download of each of the 6 different PDFs for each race.

  • There are three Competitor PDFs that can be published to the event website that list competitors by name, class and club
  • There are three Starter PDFs that are used by the start team on the day of the event
    • The Start time list lists all competitors ordered by start time
    • The Start course list lists all competitors ordered by course number
    • The Start summary list is a summary list that shows the times that have been allocated to competitors for each course. This makes it easy to find a start slot for late starters or on the day entries

Start list download