This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.1.3 of enterO.

  • Download vouchers
  • List Named and Anonymous vouchers separately
  • Fix for entering race series after race has closed

Download vouchers (#102)

Vouchers can now be downloaded from enterO. An option is provided to download all vouchers, just named vouchers or just anonymous vouchers.

Download vouchers

Download is in CSV format to allow for easy use in spreadsheets, mail merge etc. The CSV format is:

Column Type Example
VoucherId Number 27
VoucherKey String abcdefgh
Status String Available
Anonymous String Y
FirstName String Joe (only if not anonymous)
LastName String Bloggs (only if not anonymous)
Email String (only if not anonymous)
Description String Free entry
Count Number 1
AppliesTo String Competitor
ValueType String Percent
Value String 100
ValueFormatted String 100%
StartDate String  
EndDate String  
Event String rogaine-2022
EventName String Rogaine Series 2022

List Named and Anonymous vouchers separately (#102)

The admin page now separates the lists of named and anonymous vouchers to make it easier to manage them for events where both may be used.

List vouchers

Fix for entering race series after race has closed (#107)

In the case where we have an event that is a race series and for each race you must select one race from a set (eg rogaine with different lengths), there was a problem entering after earlier races had passed their close date. When editing an individual or a team, the race selection and class fields were incorrectly enabled for the closed races.

Closed race still enabled

A validation error would be shown and you would not be able to save unless a class was selected for the closed races.

Closed race validation error

Note that even though you had to select a class for the closed races, this information was not actually saved to your entry.

This has now been fixed so that closed races are now correctly disabled.

Closed race fixed