This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.1.0 of enterO.

  • Coupons

Coupons (#13)

The Coupon feature allows events to provide discounts to competitors.

  • Administration users create coupons which are then issued to competitors.
  • Competitors add a coupon to their entry and the configured discount value (either a dollar value or a percentage) is applied to their entry.

Each coupon is configured with the following:

Field Description
Count Currently coupons are always single use
Applies to Coupons can either be applied to a single competitor or the entire entry
Value Either a dollar or percentage value


  • Competitor coupons only apply to the selected competitor
  • Coupons only apply to race fees - other fees like SI hire and non-club member levy must still be paid
  • Dollar coupons only apply a discount up to the value of the fees for the competitor or entry. For example if the coupon is for $50 however the entry fees total $40, then a $40 discount will be applied

Example usage

In 2022, NWOC is offering a combo deal where club members can renew their membership and enter all three races in the NWOC Rogaine Series at a discounted rate.

To implement this, an admin user creates a Competitor coupon with a value of 100%.

Admin user creates coupon

When applied to the entry, the coupon discounts the selected competitor’s entry fee by 100%.

Coupon added to entry