This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.0.2 of enterO.

  • Improve unwaged support
  • Move confirmation button to bottom of waiver
  • Credit card only payments
  • Fix UI problem on Apple devices

Improve unwaged support (#58)

The recently added unwaged feature now also applies to the maximum individual fee type.

Move confirmation button to bottom of waiver (#60)

Small UI change to move the confirmation button from the top of the waiver to the bottom. While this does not make the user read the waiver, they have a little more opportunity to do so.

Additionally, event specific sections can have a different coloured header to draw attention to them.

Credit card only payments (#59)

Ensure that the bank transfer button is not displayed on the entry summary page when bank transfer is not an available payment option.

Bugfix: UI problem on Apple devices (#65)

The Club if other field was not always enabled when Other club was selected.

UI problem on apple devices

This issue only affected Apple devices using Chrome or Safari.

Technical: On dropdowns we are now using onblur and onchange JavaScript events instead of onkeyup and onclick.