This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.0.15 of enterO.

This release adds improvements to start waves.

  • Display selected start wave on Review Entry page
  • Improve Start Wave admin page
  • Bugfix: Use correct start wave counts after entry is submitted

Display selected start wave on Review Entry page (#93)

The selected start waves are now displayed on the Review Entry page. This will display (Wave n) for mass start races and (Block n) for other races.

Start waves review entry

Improve Start Wave admin page (#96)

UI Improvements

The existing Start Wave page was quite cluttered and did not work well on smaller screens such as phones, particularly when three start waves were configured, requiring horizontal scrolling to see all of the information. This has now been improved by adding Summary and Detail tabs


The Summary tab displays the minimum information required so that you can quickly see when any waves are full or are close to full. Additionally, this reduces the likelihood of the data not fitting on small screens.

Start waves summary


The Detail tab displays all of the information that was displayed previously however it has been reorganised. Each start wave now gets its own line rather than putting all waves onto a single line.

Start waves detail

Start waves menu item is only displayed for events using start waves

The start wave menu is now only displayed for events where start waves are used

Bugfix: Use correct start wave counts after entry is submitted (#94)

When editing an entry, warnings are displayed if any start wave selected in the entry is close to full and you can not submit the entry if it would overfill any start wave.

After the entry is submitted these warnings are still displayed however the competitors in the current entry were incorrectly being counted twice, inflating the start wave counts.

This has now been fixed so that the correct start wave counts are used.