This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.0.11 of enterO.

  • Fix team entries
  • UI improvements

Fix team entries (#81)

A bug was introduced in v3.0.10 that incorrectly included the Team in the count of Team Members. The result of this was that you could not add the last team member. This has been fixed.

An additional bug was identified where when editing a team, the race may not be correctly selected. This only happened if the race had no classes assigned which did not directly affect any current events. This has now been fixed.

UI improvements (#82)

A number of User Interface improvements were also made.

Highlight event specific terms and conditions in waiver

Each event can optionally have a section added to the terms and conditions which is displayed as part of the waiver when entering.

This section is now always highlighted to make it less easily overlooked. For example

Event specific section in waiver

Update browser support document (IE, Edge)

The Browser list has been brought up to date to drop support for Internet Explorer and add support for Edge.

Note that while Internet Explorer is likely to continue working (as we haven’t made any changes to explicitly break IE support), it will not be officially supported. If there are any issues using IE in enterO our recommendation is to move to the latest version of a supported browser.

Option added to not display classes page

For races that do not have any classes, there is an existing option to make the race ‘enter only’ so that you only check the Enter checkbox. For example

Enter only

In most cases events will also have other races that do use classes however sometimes an event will not have any classes for any races. In that situation the Race classes page was still accessible however didn’t have any useful information to display.

To handle this case there is now an option which, when enabled, will remove the Race classes button from the event landing page and the Race classes link from the page footer.