This post summarises the changes that have been implemented in version 3.0.10 of enterO.

  • Extra validation before allowing entry to be submitted

Extra validation before allowing entry to be submitted (#20)

Previously the only validation check before allowing an entry to be submitted was to ensure that a valid number of team members were in a team.

The validation checks have been extended to add the following checks:

  • Each competitior has entered at least one race
  • A non zero fee exists for the entry. Note that the entry total may still be zero once discounts and coupons (coming soon) are accounted for.

If validation fails, a warning box will be displayed and the Submit now button will be disabled. In the case where the event is allowing payment by Credit Card, the Pay with... buttons will be disabled, for example:

Review entry

In some cases these validation checks may prevent valid entries being submitted (eg the Katoa Po Spectators event which charges no fees), so flags are available to turn off each of these checks.